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Question of the Month

Q: In your book, you said that the cyproterone acetate in Diane-35 has some of the same side effects as Provera. I experienced those when I tried Diane-35. What are the side effects of drospirenone in Yasmin besides the diuretic one? How would the side effects of this progestin compare with norgestimate in Orthocyclen?
Thank you!

A: Yasmin is a fairly new oral contraceptive which has as the progesterone-like hormone drospirenone which is very similar to spironolactone. It is the equivalent of about 25 mg of spiro. Though research is not complete, it may be that Yasmin has a favorable effect on mood and so would be a good pill for women who had mood problems on other OCs. Of course other considerations are involved in what pill is best for a specific woman. Also only a few women have mood problems on any OC. Yasmin side effects are similar to other OCs except for the diuretic effect and a very slight tendency to raise potassium.

Hope this is helpful.


Geoffrey Redmond, MD

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