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Question of the Month

Q:  If your androgen levels are too low, can this cause you to have hair loss or thinning all over your body? I took Aldactone and Proscar and noticed a change in my body shape (apple) and developed dramatic thinning all over. I started taking Estratest after my hysterctomy and developed androgenic alopecia. I am still taking proscar 5mg. per day, and am now on Premarin 1.25mg. per day? All of my lab values are normal except testerone. Is the new drug similar to Proscar going to be available soon, and would it be a consideration for me??

A: Androgens inactivate the hair follicles in susceptible women. Low androgens do not cause hair loss. Estratest has estrogen and testosterone in it and I have seen women who have developed testosterone related problems with it such as hair loss, increased facial and body hair and oily skin and acne. However, hair loss after hysterectomy can also be related to low estrogen levels, especially when the ovaries have been removed. Estrogen and hair loss is discussed in more detail in my article on alopecia.

Hope this is helpful.

Geoffrey Redmond, MD

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