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Question of the Month

Q:  I am 38 and a month ago noticed my thinning hair. My general pract. took your standard tests (blood work) and sent me home. I wasn't satisfied with that so I went to my dermatologist. They want more blood work done but nothing to check for PCOS. I have oily skin, acne (mild), and heavy/clotting but regular periods. I don't seem to have a weight issue. He has taken me off all vitamins and I now have to use a special shampoo, anti-fungal cream, and Topicort. Now to my question....Who is going to help me??? My general, my dermatologist or my gyno?

A: The best thing is to find a physician who specializes in PCOS including hair loss. This might be an endocrinologist or gynecologist but depends on the individual. Many women have difficulty finding a physician knowledgeable in this area.

Hope things work out for you.

Geoffrey Redmond, MD

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