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Question of the Month

Q: I am currently on spiranolcatone because of acne problems. My complexion has cleared tremendously and I am happy on this medication. My question is what do I do when I want to get pregnant, and I can longer take this medication. My face is going to break out and look ugly for nine months so will I have to discontinue use and break out again?

A: Many women on spiro will want pregnancy at some point. As most know, it should not be taken during pregnancy because of concern that by blocking testosterone it might interfere with development of a male fetus.
I generally recommend that a woman stop any antiandrogen two months before trying to conceive. It can be resumed promptly after delivery at whatever point the mother is not breast feeding.

What happens to acne during pregnancy is variable. Sometimes it clears up and sometimes it gets worse. There is a theory that it gets worse when the pregnancy is with a male baby but evidence for this is limited. If it gets worse, some topical and antibiotics can be considered but any medication used during pregnancy must be worked out with the obstetrician.

Hope this is helpful.


Geoffrey Redmond, MD

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